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Here is a full list of email alerts currently sent by the system.

Internal name English UI Label Notes
comment.createNew Comment Posted
comment.deleteComment Deleted
comment.editComment Edited
job.acceptPreflight Errors Approved
job.approveJob Approved
job.checks_errorFile cannot be processed
job.checks_okAwaiting Approval
job.checks_ok_proofJob Awaiting Proof
job.clear_rushRUSH status cleared
job.close_to_rejectedJob Cancelled
job.createJob Created
job.place_on_holdPreflight Errors (On Hold)
job.re_release_from_releasedJob Sent to Production Again Not applicable for No release workflow
job.rejectPreflight Errors Not approved
job.releaseSent to Production Not applicable for No release workflow
job.request_new_revisionNew Revision requested
job.request_rushRUSH status requested
job.undo_acceptUndo Approve Preflight Error
job.undo_approveUndo Approve Job
job.undo_close_to_rejectedUndo Cancel Job
job.undo_rejectUndo Cancel due to Preflight Error
job.undo_request_new_revisionUndo Request New Revision
job.undo_rushRUSH status undone
job.upload_first_revisionPreflighting Job (first revision)
job.upload_proofProof Uploaded for Job Sent only when proof is uploaded manually
order.createOrder Created
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